The Time Today's EP

by ADZi




Own name Richard Marshal performs under the pseudonym ADZi where figures from 2003, but with the creation of music itself began in 1997 as Riko-X (1997 - 2001) and later as ArmiGen (2001 - 2003).
Regarding the focus of his work on style of music, that is not a permanent, so we can hear from him a wide range of styles of electronic music from AMBIENT / DOWNTEMPO, DUB or through Hip-Hop, to Techno, Psy, DnB or various experiments such as those anywhere impossible to classify.
In short ADZi is makes of music the way it met from 1997 to the present day, including the progression and everything what is in she has changed in that time its development.
In addition to creating your own music is ADZi since 1999 also a DJ and also stylistically very widely focused, as in his production. Primarily plays of the 12 "vinyl everything from DnB and Tekno, however, began in 1999 as a Hip-Hop and Breakbeat (or Electro House) DJ, and this stylish extension with him remains to this day, and since 2009, as it has joined Downtempo , Ambient and IDM in general.
ADZi already today thanks to the workload and their own family does not have much time to production and DJing nor as such, but since 1998 is responsible for his own MP3 label called FretNoiz Records 98 (drum and bass, tekno, techno etc...) and from 2011 to it also assumed the new label AmaCreedO Records 11 (ambient, idm, breakbeat, dubstep etc..) which is fully dedicated to, and use of these independent labels show the world that there are other producers rather than only those who are on posters everywhere, and who sold out the hall around the world.
So this is how it about ADZi is know :)


released 10 June 2012





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